Common Misconceptions about the Big Bang

Forty six years ago, scientists announced the discovery of definitive evidence for the expansion of the universe from a hotter, denser, primordial state. They had found the cool afterglow of the big bang: the cosmic microwave background radiation. Since this discovery, the expansion and cooling of the universe has been the unifying theme of cosmology, […]

Shravanabelagola: Impressive Jain Temple and The Unique Jains

Just a little about Jainism Jainism is one of the oldest religions of world. It believes in a universe without beginning, without end and without creator.  The objective of Jainism is to make every effort for Moksha or Liberation from unending cycles of birth, death and re-birth and become a ‘Jina’. For Jains the Jina is God. Every […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS in all languages

FRIKAANS geseënde Kersfees ALBANIAN gëzuar Krishtlindja ALSATIAN gleckika Wïanachta ARABIC ميلاد مجيد (miilaad majiid) ARMENIAN Shnorhavor Surb tsnund AZERI Noel bayraminiz mubarak BASQUE Eguberri on BELARUSIAN З Божым нараджэннем (Z Bozym naradzenniem) BENGALI subho baradin BOSNIAN sretan Božić BRETON Nedeleg laouen BULGARIAN весела коледа (vesela koleda) BURMESE Christmas nay hma mue pyaw pa CATALAN bon […]

The Executive Cat

This cat is the cutest executive in the world 😛 .  Her name is Tama, born April 29, 1999. She is  officially appointed as a super station master in Wakayama Electric Railway co. in 2007 and promoted as corporate executive in 2010 after brought 10 million dollars revenue to the company. Tama was firstly appointed […]

Cat Language :)

I have do some web surfing about cat language; how they are communicates to us.  After a long internet surfing, I am more interesting to guest what they are trying to say rather than reading their tail and ear as what the scientist do.. You may guest what they have tried to say……!!! Tell me […]