Silly Calendars

Archaeology and people who live inside the science must be amazing. I can not imagine how genius they are; translating old manuscripts, interpret symbols,  and reconstruct the past.

It is just my imagination, if somehow I was an archaeologist and I found an ancient artifacts with unknown cultural symbol.  How can I understand the meaning?

The answer is easy, because I am too silly and stupid…even to read a calendar!

Once upon a day, I come to an household museum and see ancient household accessories and tools from every civilization. I see an old style vacuum cleaner, namely Mrs 1961.

This vacuum cleaner must be a victim of the delusion of years that measured in our particular calendar and numbered in our particular era possess a reality beyond the conventions that created them.

Mrs 1961 in others civilization may not even a self-contained whole in Christian era, and may namely Mrs 1882-1883 in Indian civilization or 2017-2018 in others Indian civilization, 1953-1954 in Ethiopia civilization, 5721-5722 in Jewish civilization or 1380-1381 in Muslim civilization.

,,, aah … hour, days, time, calendar… seems like silly conondrum….


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