It’s still MATH!

I still remember one of my close mate ever asked me whether I can survive studying Poincare Conjecture for hours while she can only survive “open” Hughes-Hallett in 10 minutes.

A little bit cute in my memory, if I remember our conversation! Just call my friend as  NP.

NP: It’s all shit! How you can life with all shit. My exam is tomorrow, I want to get some sleep without getting haunt by this shit and I just can’t do that!

Me: Hmm…so you should better finish it and get some sleep.

NP: I can’t get all of this shit!

Me: Jump to the exercise part then…I will help you

NP: I’ll jump the book. If I close this shit in 90 degree angle at a speed of 10 inches per second. How long it will take me time not to care of this shit!

Me: hmmm…your text book is about 8 cm wide.  I assume that you will stop caring at the moment the book closes. You just have to calculate the time it will take you to not is the distance your book cover needs to go in order to close. You get the distance by multiplying the angle times your radius. 90 degree is equal to  and multiply with 8 will give you . After the distance, you can get the amount of time it will take you not to care, you just need to set up the rate at which the book is closing equal to the distance it has to go, divide by the tome it would take you not to care, just say unknown. Represent the amount of time with variable “t” and the equation will be  and by multiply both side with “t” you will get  and divide both side by 10 and you get  and you get that the time it will take you not to care would be roughly 1.256637061 seconds. But by the way, it isn’t sounds like Hughes-Hallett task.

NP: Shit! It isn’t Math-ass!

Me: It’s still Math.


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