Plooberific Award

I have to say a lot of thank you because for the cute Plooberific Award and the gift. See my widget (gift from jploober ), I really love the kitty so much. 🙂

The kitty is so “ME”. I put it here and on my kofeart 😀

And according to Plooberific rules, here I choose 5 blogs that I feel so Plooberific and pass on this award. Here they are:

1. because I love his sweet doodles

2. because she wrote in a simply and beautiful way with unique photo she made it by her self

3. because the  creature’s draws are so life

4. because I like bright color of her doodles

5. because he wrote popular science in simply and interesting way

Get this award by clicking here PLOOBERIFIC AWARD. Once more, I do thank you for jploober for the kitty draw. So cute and so “ME” 😛


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