cute pandas lying on bad

I get this picture from Wosanai. Actually there are 50 animal photos, but this one make me laugh. At first time, my chrome was a little bit error and I can’t see other pictures perfectly. Β I think it was a batch of PILLOW or DOLL, something like PANDA TEDDY πŸ˜› . But after I read the title “The Best Animal Photos of 2011+some” and watch other great photos I became realize IT’S A LIFE CREATURE. But wait, they are too funny and too cute, just likeΒ teddy. Whether they are LIFE PANDAS or TEDDYΒ PANDAS, they are cuteeee. I know that they are look cute, soft and pillowy but I just wanna to say, if you see this condition in a real life, DO NOT EVER LYING OR JUMP ABOVE THEM! Check it first, make sure that they are not LIFE PANDAS! πŸ˜€


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