Real Spongebob Doesn’t Use Pants!

SpongeBob SquarePants (often referred to simply as SpongeBob) is an American animated television series, created by Stephen Hillenburg, a marine biologist and an animator. Much of the series centers on the exploits and adventures of the spongebob and his various friends in the underwater city of bikini bottom.

What Spongebob actually is?

Children say that spongebob is a sponge that we usually uses in our kitchen sinks. Kitchen sponge have a density ranging from 28-32 kg/m³. The density of the ocean is about 1,207 kg/m³. According to physics, any substance or matter that is less dense than the body of liquid it is submerged in will not sink. For example, oil is less dense than water which is why it floats on top of water. A sponge of SpongeBob’s kind is significantly less dense than the ocean, and thus SpongeBob defies science by sinking into the sea instead of floating on the surface of the sea.


YES, Spongebob is not a kind of sponge we uses in our kitchen sinks. As I have told you before, Stephen Hillenburg is a marine biologist so the Spongebob character come from real underwater creature such as Patrick (starfish) and Squidward (octopus). Spongebob is a sea sponge, one of underwater creatures.

the next question; What Sea Sponge really is?

yellow sea sponge

Sponge is animal,  a simple multi-cellular, bottom-dwelling animal called “Porifera”. The word means “pore-bearing” and refers to the many tiny openings or holes visible on all sponges. There are 3 additional sub-species of Porifera: the Calcispongiae, the Hyalospongiae, and the Demospongiae. Sponges are found in every ocean of the world, particularly the Antarctic, and can thrive in not only shallow waters but the deepest regions of the seas, including sea caves where there’s little or no light. There are even some varieties that live in fresh water locations. Scientists have identified approximately 5000 species of sponges thus far. They are colorful and has various form also.

Most sea sponges attach themselves to coral, rocks or rock walls, shell beds and other hard or

purple sea sponge

stable surfaces along the ocean floor. There are a few varieties that are free-standing, however, like the Barrel sponge. All sponges are commonly referred to as “filter feeders”, that is, they capture and digest bacteria, plankton, and other organic particulates floating in the water. The outer holes or pores of a sponge are called “ostia”. These lead to larger internal pores called “oscula”. Inside these larger canals are still more chambers, all lined with “collar cells”, the tops of which are funnel shaped. Minute appendages called “flagellum” hang from these specialized funnels and as these flagellum beat back and forth, they force water inside the sponge. Nutrients and oxygen are absorbed and wastes and carbon monoxide are eventually filtered out. Still other cells called “amebocytes” transport these filtered nutrients further inside the sponge.

Does Spongebob has any similarities with Sea Sponge? 

1. sea sponge and spongebob can filtered water

2. sea sponge are hermaphroditic, that is why you never see spongebob girl friend 

3. sea sponge has long life span, that is why spongebob act like kiddo

and the difference is …. real sponge don’t use pants!

NB: Don’t take this article seriously 😛


24 thoughts on “Real Spongebob Doesn’t Use Pants!

  1. Ha..ha..! This is very embarrassing.
    I suppose that SpongeBob SquarePants is a kind of sponge we use in the kitchen sink.

    Well, I suggest ‘Porifera’ as a much more exact word to common use.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Ahahahaha….last afternoon I was talking to a physicist and he thought that spongebob is a kind of kitchen sink 😛
      He has just violated physics law! maybe I am the one who take cartoon serial too serious 😀

      However, I am not sure that your daughter know what is porifera 😀

      Keep enjoy watching Spongebob!

  2. So timely! I just lost a game of Trivial Pursuit Jr. to a 9 yr old, over the following question:

    What shape are Spongebob’s pants?

    a) circle
    b) square
    c) rectangle

    The answer was SQUARE! I guess we weren’t supposed to THINK about it, which I did…..and said “rectangle” (although rectangular prism might be better) — I mean, LOOK at his pants. They are NOT square.

    OK – thanks for letting me vent (and for visiting Squirrel Circus!)

    • hahahaha..both of us are too serious with kids :D, maybe I can write “wrong fact about spongebob” as a topic next time 😛 But at least, Patrick is stupid because the real star fish doesn’t have brain …hahahahahaha

      I love your blog by the way 😉

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  5. To introduce a new cartoon character is a foolish endeavor and has no chance of success. But the creators of Sponge Bob defied the odds and pulled it off. And all the subsets of related products have marketed well too.

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