Hmmm…I have received 3 awards this month; with 10 post in this month as far, 3 of its are award post.  I was thinking that I wrote too much about awards but…’s a gift! It gonna be so bad if you reject any awards from your readers or follower.  I always response seriously for any awards you give me. We can’t reject any appreciation, can we? So here is an appreciation I have just got from Quizoxy, kreativ blogger award. Thank you so much Qizoxy 🙂

Kreativ Blogger Award

Qizoxy seems like have sinusoid mood, and he admit it. Just visit Qizoxy blog and enjoy the sinusoid mood progress, his post are inconsistent but all of the inconsistency are awesome. Me love when he wrote about architecture, art, and CAT! Actually, I am really honored with this award because 6 others nominees can be called so artistic, most of them are artist…. and kofegeek is so far from artistic I think 😛

According to Qizoxy, this award have special recipes :

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

and to fulfill the recipes, here are 7 interesting things about me 😉

1. I love cold-raw- carrot. I eat so much everyday and my colleague call me Bunny or Hase (Germany, means Hare) 

2. People around me tend to downgrade their opinion of the problem, rather than upgrade their opinion of my ability and it really affects my reputation as a mathematician 

3. Most people say that I am a talented artist, but no one ever said that I am a talented mathematician 

4. I hate if somebody ruffled my hair. Unfortunately, I am only 150cm (plus 5 cm heels) and my colleagues averagely are 180 cm.

5. I am a girl and I hate PINK !!

6. I am a bad driver of Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, In-line-skate  .. anything that has wheels 🙂

7. I have some scars fall and all are lefty. I have a serious problem with gravity and gravitation.. lol

and my 7 nominees for Kreativ Blogger Award are:

The Little Leaf



Thelittleleaf is a photography painting blog. You will find some wonderful  photos here. My favorite photo is “Sunset on my balcony”. Some old photo post are black and white. Different from the colored photos, the gray scale photos have a stronger spirit I think. The painting art in this blog is a kind of abstract but seems like a decorative’s still lovely 🙂



Raven Marlow



Ravenpress is the name of Raven Marlow’s blog. A blog about poetry and memoir.  My favorite is “Old Soldiers and Sunday Trees” especially when Raven add a photo of old tree ( I don’t know the name, Sunday trees perhaps”. As long as I read this blog, I found some poetry and most of are nice but I don’t know why, I love the memoir much more ..hehehehehe…





Elena is an owner of mselenalevontraveling, a travelling blog actually but sometimes Elena wrote in a memoir style and its lovely. My favorite post is “364 valentine days”, I love her giant vases. She has a romantic touch in her post and don’t miss her photograph’s awesome … aaww 😉




Sweatlikemambo, I have been follow this blog about a month. I can’t say what kind of blog is it because just like kofegeek she wrote everything in her mind. My favorite post is the newest post “Changing direction”. The photo and the wise-word has touched me.







Propagandaphotos is a blog about books, politic and photography and sometimes captures books  photo hehehehehe 😀 My favorite post is “Dresden, einen Kamera klagt an-Richard Peter”, I have a bit curiosity with German history, especially about Hitler’s era. This blog may seems serious but trust me that its also fun. Having seriously fun with this blog!






Well, ridafatima love to write poetry and her personal experiences. I love they way she talked her personal experiences and also the poetry. Unfortunately, I often can not understand her language. Some poems are wrote in a  unidentified language.  I wish she can made a translation in English.






msfredrickson is an owner of childrenshealthnaturally. Well, this blog is really useful, not only forchild but also for adult. My favorite are “Chocolate! A healthy way to snack” and “Coffee! My days wouldn’t be the same without it!”. Yay!!!



  1. You are a doll. Thank you so very much. When I regain energy and health I shall respond appropriately. I am so grateful of this award and your thoughtfulness. (((hugs))).

  2. Hi Keforeek … you are such a doll. And wow congratulations on so many awards! It will be a bit of time before I can respond because I am ill … but I will, I promise. Oh, my last name is: Rice-Sosne, not Marlow … but that;s OK. (((hugs))) young lady! :))

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  4. I am so tickled for you about this award! Congratulations! So pleased to learn of these other blogs, as well. And I, too, seem to be somewhat klutzy with motorized stuff! I promise never to ruffle your hair when we meet at the Academy Awards someday!

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