Kofegeek Small Art: February Review

This is a review for my small art blog, kofeart. I usually write the review in kofeart, but then I decided to write it both in kofegeek and kofeart to introduce my sketches gallery. There is a special link in this blog, just see it at the top right sidebar. Not only write the review here, I also divide the review into 2 categories; colored and black-and-white drawing. If you visit kofeart, I do sorry if my recent drawings are not really good. First it because I am not really health at all. Though, it wasn’t too bad actually. It become so bad because my scanner is so sucks. Not only make my sketch become rough, it also not bright. When I add some contrast and bright with photoshop, the colors no longer same as the real, it isn’t soft at all and the lines looks sharp, bold and rough.  After I find a good scanner, I will re-post it, promise 😉


(Both of these pictures has 12 likes from kofeart readers)

Land Without Cats: A Journey

This is fiction character about a mouse who seeks a land without cats. I do not mind to bring it too serious but the readers become so serious in a funny way. Owls, hawks, snakes…aahh, to much predators for mice 🙂  C.C.Charron, one of my favorite blogger artist, make me honored. He told me that my drawing reminds him with Mouse Guard. Whereas David Petersen drawing much more better than me..hehehehehe. You should check C.C.Charron blog to see his doodles. I have two words to describe it: unique and beautiful. I used ballpoint gel and watercolor pencils in 80 gram HVS paper to draw this mouse. Posted in 28 February, 2012.

Moty The Big Nose

Moty is drew based on real character. I drew Moty with ballpoint gel and watercolor pencils in 80 gram HVS paper. Posted in 7 February, 2012.



The best drawing for black and white category is Alone in The Rain. This is a little bit funny. The shading technique is different, it’s messy! I am running out of ink when I drew this one. This messy drawing is finished in shorter time than usual, in which I don’t care with the detail. The duchess said that it looks just like an old book illustration. With small number of kofeart follower (compared with kofegeek), this drawing gain 21 LIKES, Fantastic! Thanks all 😉

Media: A4 HVS 100 gram and gel ballpoint

The shading technique is completely different from my older black and white drawing. You may compared it with THE BEST DRAWING IN JANUARY 2012.


20 thoughts on “Kofegeek Small Art: February Review

  1. As you know, Moty takes the Blue Ribbon prize. I absolutely love Moty. You must do more of something featuring him. Maybe a series of Moty’s Tales? A children’s book?

  2. How very talented you are–and such a wonderful sense of whimsy and fun! LOVE the mouse looking for a land without cats! The big nose is so very much more than one of my past,long-ago boyfriends! And the lady walking in the rain is what I would like to look exactly like–so elegant and sure-footed!

  3. These are awesome! I love them all. But Alone in the Rain is tops with me~
    She looks so French! 😉 Thanks for following me! I’ll do the same. Love your blog!

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