Creative Chaos Award

Finaly, hiks, hiks, hiks..I got an award this month. I think this month will be so silent and glommy. Finally, Richard Guest save me! YUppY!!!!!! Thank you Richard Guest for nominate me to accept Creative Chaos Award! You should visit his blog and see his shots. Seems like daily shots, viewing Richard in daily lifes 😛

creative chaos award

Well, the ‘rules’ in accepting the Creative Chaos Award are pretty chaos 😛 Here are the rules I copied from Richard Guest Blog

1. You must tell 3 completely weird things about your habits. If you claim to have no weird habits, you’re lying and we’ll have to send an investigative team for further analysis.

2. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?”

3. Complete any one of the following essay questions:

A. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cell phone service, no Walmart (I know, GASP, right?), and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your pants and why?

B. You find yourself having to ride an elevator quite frequently. How do you pass the time to show off your creativity?

4. Then you are to nominate 5 random people and let them know.

5. Make sure to show proper gratitude to the person who nominated you whether that is to shower them with gifts, prizes, and cash or to see that they are put into a clown costume and photographed for internet mocking.

6. Make sure to post the award somewhere other than the underside of the toilet seat.


  1. Bad habits           : I like to fart in some places 😛
  2. Glass half full?   : Hmm, I don’t get the question. But it it was about coffee there is no glass half full, only the glass is to small, I need a bigger one 😀
  3. The amazing essay question : hmm, I forget to use my  pants ahahahahahaha (**kidding**)

– The Spiritualist realist Poet, Subhan Zein

My poetic sister, Ellen 

My coffegeek’s mate, Youwereborntosucceed

The funny comics of Whimsyink

Marvelous photographer, Yousuf

Enjoy the award and share the happiness of March 🙂 Love you all


31 thoughts on “Creative Chaos Award

  1. Congratulations to you, Miss Kofe, and thanks so much for the nomination! It took me two days to accept, but it was worth it. I am not a geek, more’s the pity. You have been glorified on my blog.

  2. Hasie!

    I cannot imagine you nominate me for this award! My God! Hahahaha.. I’m sooo chaotic! And why did you refer to me as “Religious Poetic”? It’s not me at all. According to my step-father, I’m a “Spiritualist realist Poet”, so your amendment to the post would be appreciated. LOL. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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