Larry: The Most Famous Feline in England

It has been a long tradition in the most important building in Downing Street, office of UK prime minister, called as The Number Ten to have a cat officer. On 14 February 2011 it was reported that a new Downing Street feline staff member had, after all, been appointed. It was Larry, a stray from the Battersea […]

Degrees of Trust: Let the public say

Released by IPSOS MORI in June 2011, this poll of trust was so interesting. Finally I  remember to write about the pool. Here are the top 5 trusted profession 88% public across UK say they trust doctors tell the truth. Sir Robert Worcester “Ever since 1983, when we first started asking the public’s view of […]

Easter Gift – Sunshine Award

Flowers bloom and birds sing. Easter brings the joy of spring.   This is Easter, and sunshine award coloring my Easter season. Many thanks to averilgomez. Getting stress with my unsolved pneumonia, this award bringing special happiness for me since sleeping become my life- majority. I really miss my math department, my colleague, the research fellow, tisk..tisk..tisk…. […]

1000 mg Vitamin C: Another Stupidity (2), What’s next?

“Vitamin C bad for you in large does some good in small doses. It seems to keep the DNA repair mechanism in good working order. The same principle is observed with alcohol, and a number of poisons. Very heavy drinking will kill you, but a glass of wine a day is a tonic” …. Bernard L. Cohen […]