Easter Gift – Sunshine Award

Flowers bloom and birds sing.

Easter brings the joy of spring.


This is Easter, and sunshine award coloring my Easter season. Many thanks to averilgomez. Getting stress with my unsolved pneumonia, this award bringing special happiness for me since sleeping become my life- majority. I really miss my math department, my colleague, the research fellow, tisk..tisk..tisk…. 😦

Life must go on, and surely blogging help me to pass this hard and bored situation.

This is a shinny award and I will share it with my shinny blog-mates:)

To accept this award we must answer 10 questions. Here are my answer :


1. My favorite color       : white of course 🙂

2. My favorite animal   : all fluffy animal (cat, dog, koala, bunny, etc.) and all prestigious animal (horse, deer, etc). Almost all animal, except for insect and reptile …. scary 😦

3. My favorite number : are you kidding? I am a mathematician, I love all. If I have to choose, well, I think it’s zero, but is zero a number? LOL 😛

4. My favorite drink       : coffee (kofe = russian, that is why this blog name is kofegeek)

5. Facebook or twitter  : hmm, facebook of course. I don’t have twitter 😀

6. My Passion                      : science, especially math

7. Prefer getting or giving presents : both definitely

8. My favorite pattern  : penrose titling

9. My favorite day of the week : depend on the situation 🙂

10. My favorite flower                    : Siberian iris 😀

And my 10 shinny nominations for Sunshine award is:

1. dou dou birds (handmade art birds)

2. kiwsparks (seeing the world through art-colored glass)

3. granbee (writing again as senior)

4. melonaide (making art a daily habit)

5. bassas (caucasian shepherd dog diary)

6. thelaughinghousewife (a bit more than you wanted to know about the laughing housewife)

7. bwbears (marvelous photographer)

8. fiercebuddhist (every moment is a Buddhist moment)

9. veggiewitch (an Artist, a Woman, a Mother and a Vegan)

10. sophy (sophy’s world of art)

Please visit their blogs and let them shinny your days. Wishing you joy in this season of renewal 🙂


24 thoughts on “Easter Gift – Sunshine Award

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  2. Congrats on the Sunshine Award! And I hope you are feeling better and back with your colleagues very soon.

  3. Oh, dear Kofe, I have already thanked you when you informed me at my own blog of the high honor you give me of nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award! Bless you, dear girl! I am very pleased to learn these details about you, especially you loving the color white and Siberian irises. I am glad to learn of these other blogs, as well, which you nominate here. You are so deserving of this Sunshine Award–congratulations!

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