Degrees of Trust: Let the public say

Released by IPSOS MORI in June 2011, this poll of trust was so interesting. Finally I  remember to write about the pool. Here are the top 5 trusted profession

88% public across UK say they trust doctors tell the truth.
Sir Robert Worcester

“Ever since 1983, when we first started asking the public’s view of who they trust, more people have said they trust doctors than any other profession or occupation, and they remain so today. It just goes to show how much faith the public place in doctors. It will be interesting to see if the public’s trust in doctors is maintained following the proposed changes to their role in the reforms of the NHS.”

More interesting, if we see academic hierarchic, we can see that teachers beat professors in public trust 😀

The top 5 trusted profession are doctors, teachers, professors, judges and scientist. 



What about priest?

Hmm, interestingly scientist beat clergyman/priest. In other words, UK public more trust scientist rather than clergyman/priest. Clergyman/priest percentage to tell the truth is 68%, while scientist is 71%.
The bottom 5 in this pool of trust are politicians, government minister, journalist, business leaders and trade union officials. Very ironic since public get information from journalist while politicians and government minister are the public servants.

Only 19% of the public think that journalist tell the truth. the score was even less for politicians (14%) and government minister (19%).

Ordinary man/woman in the street gain better score than journalist and politician, 55% of the public believe that they tell the truth.

This is in UK 😉  What about your country?


Get the survey summary:



21 thoughts on “Degrees of Trust: Let the public say

  1. I am both a lawyer and a writer so I’m very happy not to see my professions on your list. In the U.S.A. the least trusted people are the cab drivers…they are crazy!

  2. Reblogged this on Apples & Oranges. and commented:
    Obviously here it’s more of textbook vs. opinion. The trusted professions are all based off of fact/research, while the untrusted ones all are not going to be on the same page. Like every teacher will teach that 2+2=4, but not every politician is going to be pro-choice and journalist are gonna frame stories in different ways making it hard for the public to decide which to believe and which not to believe. It’s all ethos.

  3. It’s interesting that journalists are so far down on the list. I would have thought they would be in the middle somewhere. Interesting stuff! 🙂

  4. I think it’s probably about the same in the U.S. People are less trusting than they were even 25 years ago.

    • hmm, the top 5 least trusted is going to same…but the top 5 trusted profession gonna be difference since we have crisis of confidence to any profession 😛

  5. In the US, the top 3 trusted professions believe they are telling ‘the one + only truth’. On the other end, especially politicians, take the truth and twist + bend it until it fits what they believe or want everyone to believe.

  6. I believe in the US that people would trust priests/ministers/pastors more than they seem to in UK! Also, a lot of people here are losing faith in doctors and teachers and lawyers and judges! I just pray that poets earn some modicum of trust, for we strive to tell the truths of the heart!

  7. A lot of it is to do with more information being available now. 40 years ago there was only 1 or 2 tv channels in every country and the local politicians/business people got a lot of coverage and limited criticism. Now there is a lot more information out there that people can look at and we don’t trust what these people say anymore.
    As for professors – well they are all doing research for REF statistics in the UK trying to keep their jobs and avoid teaching.
    Teachers (usually) want to teach people and pass on knowledge.
    NHS doctors are trained to give 8 minutes to every patient.

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