Students Love Freebies: TXT Eagle

Every students love freebies! Yes! My friends recommend a link for me, it is txteagle. Txt eagle offers crowdsourcing and market research in developing markets.

They send small task of survey that usually can be completed within 3 -5 minutes and paid us with small earn of airtime. My friends and me have been sign up almost for a year but I never withdraw any airtime because of some registration errors. Since I keep filling their small task and never withdraw any airtime, my airtime accumulation getting big.

I try to contact the administration and a guy named Nick from txt eagle reply my email, fast, clear, and nice. Love this company service so much 😉 Guess what? I withdraw all of my airtime accumulation succesfully. Wow! Love this company so much. 😉

So here I am share my experience to all students around the world who love freebies. Try this one! Register your self to txt eagle.  Do not forget to put your country age without plus (+) sign.

click to register

They also have good reviews in some technology reviews:$85m/4004983.article


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