Sweat?! : Talk to my Paws

Secret of Paws

Sweating and panting are two mechanisms for regulating  body temperature. When sweat evaporates, it cools the skin, and panting releases heat through the mouth. So how do cats keep from overheating if they don’t sweat or pant?

Cats Do Sweat =^_^=

Cats don’t have sweat glands over their bodies like humans do. Instead, they sweat only through their paws.

A frightened cat may even leave a trail of wet footprints on the ground. However, because paws have too small a surface area to do much cooling, cats have developed additional strategies for coping with heat. For example, they seek out shady spots and try not to exert themselves. Also, like dogs, cats like to sprawl out on cool surfaces in a way that maximizes coolness and minimizes heat. As for those frequent baths your cat is taking, they work in the same way that sweating does. When the saliva evaporates off fur, it lowers body temperature.

Stinky Paws?!

When cats get very hot, they get sweaty paws. Sometimes when the weather is warm you may notice that our paws smell like stinky socks. Kittens often have slightly stinky paws because they run around playing so much and work up a sweat. Also, sometimes when cats are nervous, they get sweaty paws.  For example, they might get sweaty paws when you take us to visit the veterinarian LOL 😛

OK, they do sweat. Do they need deodorant then?

Cats don’t need deodorants! 

There is a disadvantage to not being able to sweat very much, though. Cats are not good at cooling off when they get very, very hot. Remember to never leave your cat in a hot car by himself. Never leave him shut in a hot room without any fresh air or air conditioning. Cats can easily die if they get too hot. They die from heat more easily than humans do.

By the way, they are already have their own parfume

It doesn’t smell like anything to humans, but to cats it smells wonderful. 

Car do carry our own kind of personal perfume around with us. Cats carry their perfume in many different glands on their bodies. One of the most important scent glands is in their cheeks.

When cats rubs his perfume on the furniture, humans can’t smell it. But other cats can smell it. They know that when a cat puts his perfume there it means that cat likes that piece of furniture. It is just like saying that it belongs to them and they are part of the home.

The perfume that cats carry around with them helps them identify what things belong to them and what things do not. We cats are a little funny. We feel very happy when we know what is ours and what is not ours. Having our perfume all over our home makes us feel happy.

Actually, that is not so strange, is it? Humans like to know what things belong to them and what things do not. Humans like to have their own things. You would not like it if a strange person put his things in your bedroom or in your house. Am I right?

Cats just like to make it clear to everyone what is theirs. They do that by rubbing their personal perfume on things they like and all over their home. People can’t smell the cat perfume, but other cats can.

Now can you guess what other part of a cat’s body has scent glands on it? That’s right. Cats have scent glands on their paws. When cats scratch a scratching post, one of the things cats are doing is putting their personal perfume on the post.

Believe it or not, there are many other things we cats can do with our paws.

Just remember that their paws are very important to cats. Cats can’t do everything with their paws that you can do, but cats can do some things with their paws that you can’t. This one is the sample, art of paws ….  Meeowww =^_^=


14 thoughts on “Sweat?! : Talk to my Paws

  1. Kofe, dogs also sweat through their paws. This is why cats and dogs almost seem to be compulsive about cleaning their feet. I really enjoyed your upclose photos here of the cat’s paws. I always love it when Rumpy talks about joining in pawcircles together for healing.

    • maaf, karena ragam dan jumlah meningkat maka digunakan bantuan bloglovin, untuk spesial artikel digunakan pinterest untuk management, bisa dilihat di sisi kanan blog

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