When I’m Offline

It has been almost 2 months since I offline from blog sphere.  With 356 follower I really feel guilty to stop blogging. I was working on a research project that need a touch of math and art senses.  It takes a long time, but I hope my readers will be understand. My promise is that I will be back again before 20 August 2012 with a new post and I’ll try to write regularly, once a week.

and below is the main suspect who stole my 3-months blogging time…blame him please



20 thoughts on “When I’m Offline

  1. Looks like a totally fascinating project, Kofe! I completely understand about being away from one’s blog with other projects! I have been fighting all week to get back to mine, as I am now tutoring a very needy young student, playing much more music in two different groups, and involved more with promoting local success and security for some local immigrant business people. However, all of this in finding its way into my critterly journey, so stay tuned! Love having your feedback on my blog and having you back here!

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