Astronomy: Family Passion

Astronomy is a major passion in my family. However, no one has a career in this field. My Dad probably is the most maniac, he do believe in the existence of high intelligence alien I think :3 .

This photo is taken at June 1, 1983: Total eclipse in Java and Sumatra Island. Many astronomers enthusiast to be eye witness of this rare nature event that may just experienced once in their life. It was probably a shame moment in the history of astronomy in Indonesia. The government propaganda about the dangers of looking directly at a solar eclipse. Many people loosing their common sense and prefer to “stare” eclipse through television.

My Dad is an eye witness of total eclipse 1983, I congratulate to him.  The photo is taken by my Dady. He buy a complete lenses and a professional camera.  I told him that I never see a total eclipse. He replied, “I still save my lenses, just wait for the next total solar eclipse. We can “starring” together from backyard”

uuhm yeah, sounds lovely … we can “starring” together from our backyard on Monday, January 12, 2252 later … 😛


8 thoughts on “Astronomy: Family Passion

  1. I love looking at the stars and identifying the constellations. I make it a practice to say good night to the stars before I go to bed. What’s amazing to me is how extraordinary the night sky seems to be and yet how ordinar it is, there night after night after night, for us to just gaze at and wonder about and fill us with awe and thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing.

  2. When I was 6 years old, I asked my mom what happened with my legs, both of them were difficult to move. My mother said that it happened because of a solar eclipse in 1984 that completely enveloped my village. I doubted my mother’s explanation. I looked up at the sky to search for the cause of that darkness. Yes, there is a myth in my village said that the solar eclipse was a culprit for many troubled happenings, we called it “dipangan gerhana”, which means “eaten by the dark of the solar eclipse”.

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