Stevie Wonder: Mozart Cat

A blind cat has developed a passion for playing the piano. They named him Stevie Wonder who is in foster care through Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester Cambridgeshire. This 6-year-old furry musical talent was found in a garden. He likes to press on the piano keys “because the sound helps connect him to the […]

Why Apple is so Math-Geek?

It seems like Apple is a Mat-geek, all of their product and logo always based on Fibonacci Series -> Golden ratio. Do they want to try any other number series in math? just see their logo…. their iCloud…. their operating system and even their iPhone, iMac and their website… just measure their ratios … […]

Excessive use of antibiotics : Another Stupidity (3), What’s Next?

This is the 3rd “Another Stupidity” theme post for me. Based on my experience when I was suffering cough and flu in Indonesia. Cough and flu are pretty “usual” in Indonesia people, but it can be worst also. I was grow up in this tropical country and pretty familiar with cough and flu. It was […]