Testing Cat’s Pee

I am not really testing my cat’s pee. This is about a white wine from New Zealand, Cat’s Pee on Grooseberry Bush.


Cat’s pee is a core aroma of New Zealand’s world leading sauvignon blanc. There are six wine scientist who studying this cat’s pee. The team spent more than $12 million defining the flavour. They concluded it was a winning combination of sweet, sweaty passionfruit, asparagus and cat’s pee. Sauvignon blanc marketing calling it “a youthful, kittenish wine, full of zing and zip”. This wine  has driven the export success of the wine industry.

Well, it has a delicate  aroma and a strong oaky finish. It has been out for years by the way. But I don’t know why they give it very odd name: Cat’s Pee. Maybe it’s because I never taste my cat’s pee, I can’t compare the taste then.  Also, the cat pee in my house doesn’t smell llike any wine I have ever been near.


8 thoughts on “Testing Cat’s Pee

    • the winemaker should have replace the terms “cat pee”, it’s sound silly for me 😛 . By the way, the also have another “odds” just like term “pencil shavings” 😀

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