Einstein Dissertation: A Joke or A Fight?

Although I don’t like Einstein too much, there is some view of his life I always be remembered. Just like his thesis. Young Einstein was planned to get a doctoral degree in University of Zurich.  Einstein’s first advisor is Weber but after a major falling out, with a little bit disappoint, Einstein witch to Alfred Kleiner. […]

Kofegeek Small Art: February Review

This is a review for my small art blog, kofeart. I usually write the review in kofeart, but then I decided to write it both in kofegeek and kofeart to introduce my sketches gallery. There is a special link in this blog, just see it at the top right sidebar. Not only write the review here, […]

Awesome Blog Content Award

What a lovely month?! February is awesome, all blogger friend become so nice this month. Firstly, I nominee to receive liebster  at 13 February , and versatile blogger award at 19 February…and now I nominee again at 21 February. And surprisingly, whatervermakesyousmile nominee me to receive Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award …….. love it so much 🙂 […]

Physics Bear Award

It isn’t a real valentine bear. It’s a StFX’s Student Physics Society award for Good Friendship Award professorial. Dr.  Steinitz get this reward at Valentine day 2006. As you can see, he has a prominent place in Dr.  Steinitz  office, where distressed students can clutch him as needed. He is holding a World Year of Physics official Coffee Mug and […]