Dark Chocolate: When Science Meet Industry (1)

Science bring good news for all chocolate lover 1 November 2004, Elsevier published a “good news” paper titled “Dark chocolate consumption increases HDL cholesterol concentration and chocolate fatty acids may inhibit lipid peroxidation in healthy humans.” Contrary to popular misconception, scientist proof that eating lots of chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol levels. Chocolate contains stearic acid, which is a neutral […]

Pantun Anthology: Illustration Challenge

I have doing some illustration projects; illustrate children’s books, illustrate children’s poem, illustrate greeting cards and etc. Most of my projects is for kids except for my souvenir projects. This year, I have just accept a challenge from my brother, Subhan Zein. He challenge me to illustrate his pantun. According to wikipedia, Pantun is a Malay poetic […]

Originally posted on K. Ryan Henisey:
The first thousand of my haiku are published and available for download from Amazon Kindle. Click through the link to find it in the Amazon store: Status Haiku. The book costs $0.99 (or equivalent in other countries). I wanted to keep the price low and as accessible as possible.…

Funny Fact about 4 Characters in SpongeBob Squarepants Cartoon Serial

Spongebobs Squarepants cartoon serial has 7 main characters, 26 recurring characters, and 44 minor characters. After writing about “Real SpongeBob doesn’t use pants!” today I write about funny fact in Spongebob Cartoon Serial. They are SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr.Krabs. Here are the facts! Spongebob SpongeBob is NOT a kind of sponge we use in […]