New Award on May: Very Inspiring Blogger Award

. Many thank you to Geralin89  from The Colourful Sketchbook for nominate me to receive Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I really love to know that my blog is so inspiring for her 🙂 According to Geralin89, the rules for this award are simply: 1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog. (checked 😉 ) 2. […]

Easter Gift – Sunshine Award

Flowers bloom and birds sing. Easter brings the joy of spring.   This is Easter, and sunshine award coloring my Easter season. Many thanks to averilgomez. Getting stress with my unsolved pneumonia, this award bringing special happiness for me since sleeping become my life- majority. I really miss my math department, my colleague, the research fellow, tisk..tisk..tisk…. […]

Creative Chaos Award

Finaly, hiks, hiks, hiks..I got an award this month. I think this month will be so silent and glommy. Finally, Richard Guest save me! YUppY!!!!!! Thank you Richard Guest for nominate me to accept Creative Chaos Award! You should visit his blog and see his shots. Seems like daily shots, viewing Richard in daily lifes 😛 […]

Awesome Blog Content Award

What a lovely month?! February is awesome, all blogger friend become so nice this month. Firstly, I nominee to receive liebster  at 13 February , and versatile blogger award at 19 February…and now I nominee again at 21 February. And surprisingly, whatervermakesyousmile nominee me to receive Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award …….. love it so much 🙂 […]


Many thank you for sweatlikemambo for nominated me to receive this award. Mambo has a versatile blog, here you can find any information from food to art 😀 . I guess you can ask her any information about body exercise, she is a certified personal trainer 🙂 The rules for this award are pretty easy, here […]

Liebster Blog Award

Hoolaaaaa…This is a lovely month because allaboutlemon nominate me to receive Liesbter Blog Award. Thanky you so much allaboutlemon 😉 The Liebster Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who currently have fewer than 200 followers. You’re supposed to pass it along to five other bloggers in return. Liebster in Germany means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’. What […]