Dark Chocolate: When Science Meet Industry (1)

Science bring good news for all chocolate lover 1 November 2004, Elsevier published a “good news” paper titled “Dark chocolate consumption increases HDL cholesterol concentration and chocolate fatty acids may inhibit lipid peroxidation in healthy humans.” Contrary to popular misconception, scientist proof that eating lots of chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol levels. Chocolate contains stearic acid, which is a neutral […]

1000 mg Vitamin C: Another Stupidity (2), What’s next?

“Vitamin C bad for you in large does some good in small doses. It seems to keep the DNA repair mechanism in good working order. The same principle is observed with alcohol, and a number of poisons. Very heavy drinking will kill you, but a glass of wine a day is a tonic” …. Bernard L. Cohen […]

Antibiotic Soap: another STUPIDITY (1), what’s next?

I am very concerned with they way of company advertise their products. Especially in my home-country, Indonesia.  Not only in Indonesia actually, it is happen in many countries. This can be the longest post in wordpress history if I wrote all off that stupidity here. That is why I put (1) in this post title. We […]