Astronomy: Family Passion

Astronomy is a major passion in my family. However, no one has a career in this field. My Dad probably is the most maniac, he do believe in the existence of high intelligence alien I think :3 . This photo is taken at June 1, 1983: Total eclipse in Java and Sumatra Island. Many astronomers enthusiast to be eye witness of […]

Larry: The Most Famous Feline in England

It has been a long tradition in the most important building in Downing Street, office of UK prime minister, called as The Number Ten to have a cat officer. On 14 February 2011 it was reported that a new Downing Street feline staff member had, after all, been appointed. It was Larry, a stray from the Battersea […]

Physics Bear Award

It isn’t a real valentine bear. It’s a StFX’s Student Physics Society award for Good Friendship Award professorial. Dr.  Steinitz get this reward at Valentine day 2006. As you can see, he has a prominent place in Dr.  Steinitz  office, where distressed students can clutch him as needed. He is holding a World Year of Physics official Coffee Mug and […]